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Manage Your Favorites and Bookmarks Visually
"When I've been asked for a Url for a reference, they ask me HOW I can search for a bookmark so fast, and of course I tell them what I am using, I also send them your site."
   - Judie McVeigh (Illinois, USA)

"I have the registered version of NetVisualize running just fine. Thanks for providing a program that does just what I want: store thumbnails of my favorite web sites."
   - David Burns (Massachusetts, USA)

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NetVisualize Favorites Organizer lets you manage your bookmarks and favorites the way you remember them - visually! NetVisualize creates thumbnail images of your favorite websites, and is as simple to use and familiar as Windows Explorer.

NetVisualize will import Netscape Bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites, and provide you with the powerful text and visual search capabilities you need to make your Internet browsing experience manageable.

NetVisualize can display an image directory of website thumbnails, making it easy to visually scan for that particular site when you can't remember the name but you're sure you'll know it when you see it. You can also save your links to an HTML file, complete with thumbnails, and set this page as your browser's home page or upload it to your website to give your links page some extra visual appeal. Make your browser work the way you work - download the free NetVisualize Favorites Organizer trial version today!

Main Features...

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 1.5.0 Released

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 1.5.0 was released January 14, 2005. This release contains several enhancements and bug fixes. Extensive user feedback and thorough testing from NetVisualize beta testers have helped create what we believe to be a top-quality, polished release.

For a detailed list of changes in the new version, please visit the Revision History page.

This is a recommended update for all NetVisualize users. The freeware version is available from the download page.

The new version of NetVisualize Favorites Organizer Plus is available as a free upgrade for users who have purchased a previous version. If you did not receive the email providing download instructions, we probably do not have your current email address on file. Please email support to request information about how to obtain the new version of NetVisualize Plus.

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